Sunday, November 2

A fruitful life.

Today I went to the Yandina markets. I had to pick up Rain, she has been staying with her grandparents for the last three days. When she is not here I realise just how bright her spirit is in my life.

I bough a couple of tea-trees and a white flowering native westringia for my white garden but I was looking with envy at all the beautiful fruit trees for sale. I wanted to adopt them all and bring them home with me, especially the mango trees! We haven't had much luck with mangoes, avocados or lichee's because of the frosts. Which is sooo disappointing as these are my favourite fruits. (Sad smile with drool forming at the corners of my mouth.) Although technically we live in the sub-tropics we get a few frosts here in winter. Our first winter we got down to minus 9 degrees Celsius (which is about 16 degrees F), and we live in Queensland, Australia!
So I was making a mental list of all the food trees we do have that have survived so far!

apples (three varieties)
white mulberries
red mulberries
black mulberries
yellow cherry guavas
cherry guavas
Indian guavas
cedar bay cherries
paw paws
pecan nuts
macadamia nuts
lemonade fruits
navel oranges
Valencia oranges
blood oranges
Brazilian cherries
passion fruit
I think that is most of them but would have to check with Peace. He knows all of the trees by name. So looking at my list now I'm thinking it's not a bad start...but I still want more...


Amber said...

Oh that is lovely. You are so wealthy for having the space to plant all these lovely trees.

karisma said...

Well it sounds like you are doing pretty well there! LOL! Our Mango looks like its starting to fruit but we will see! We have not had much luck with it so far either.

mscherrylane said...

oooh *envy* mouth was watering! I LOVE the idea of picking my own fresh food I grew myself...too bad I don't have a green thumb in my body...

p.s that's one reason I love to read your blog - I enjoy living my Naturegirl regional "dream life" vicariously while it's definitely not an option for awhile...thanks for the award by the way :)

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