Saturday, November 29


I was looking at some old photos yesterday and came across one of the house here when we first moved in.

I was pretty blown away by how much it has changed. We see the place everyday and so don't notice the changes. And they do happen slowly because we are on a budget and using lots of recycled materials.

Peace has done an amazing job in my eyes considering he hadn't really done any building before. The old sawmill office is beginning to look like a home.


hippymummy said...

And EVERY detail and improvement was concieved, planned and completed with love......

Amber said...

The place is looking great. Peace looks like he must has real talent at being a real handy man.
So nice you appreciate all the change. You must feel very proud..
Thanks for all your encouraging and warm comments..xx

karenjane said...

wowee, i so love before and after photos! and things that slowly progress a little here and a little there. its looking realy great and good on you guys for recycling materials:)

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