Thursday, November 20

Poor Mr Snakey

Today has been a really busy day. First thing we discovered that Mr Snakey had had an accident.
Mr Snakey was Mr T's favourite toy. He was a sock puppet I made in about five minutes over a year ago and has since been Mr T's best friend. When I got up this morning I found Mr snakey had been chewed to pieces by the puppy. Puppy usually sleeps outside in her kennel but last night we had another big storm with heaps of thunder and lightning and Peace had let Puppy sleep inside. So pups obviously found the toy (there are usually a few hundred of them lying around the floor) and snuggled up with it for the night.

I broke the news gently when Mr T got up and he seemed to take it well. Then I got on with some cooking for the working bee. Rain helped me make a Zucchini slice, chocolate brownie and a vegetarian Thai curry. Still a few things to make tomorrow.

Meanwhile Mr T was making mischief. It seemed that everything and anything he could get into and make a mess with he did. I asked him why he was feeling upset and he said nothing would make him feel better until we made a new Mr Snakey.

So we made a mercy dash into the local op shop to find a sock. (OK. I realize most people have an odd sock or two lying around but I've just had a clean out and personally I only own one pair of socks especially for winter, the rest of the time I'm bare foot)

On the way we had to duck down to the bridge that always floods when we have a lot of rain.

So back home again to make a new Mr Snakey.

And this one is very flash compared to the old one. (That one was a stained white sock but Mr T did love him!)
Then it started raining again and the kids all ran out for a game of slippery tramp. This is a game that involves a bar of soap, a trampoline and it has to be raining. This is also a game I refuse to watch because I'd be calling out every five seconds things like 'be careful or you'll break your bloody necks'. Things that I really don't want to be calling out to the I don't watch, I trust that they are all aware enough of their own abilities not to get hurt.


hippymummy said...

What a super mam you are! Mr T is a lucky boy to have a mammy who'll drop everything to go on a mercy ission for an odd sock to make her little man happy! Even better, if you got a pair of socks you could either...
a, Make a spare (just in case puppy gets the nibbles?)
b, Make a different socky type friend so that puppy has its own toy and doesn't chew down on Mr T's for lunch!
3, make another socky toy to put away for Tui 'cos murphys law dictates that as soon as she gets mobile Mr Ts toy will be the only one that she wants!!!
Good luck with the working bee tomorrow, i'll pray for sunshine but not unbearable heat so you can get as much done as possible! xXx

Ariad said...

Thanks hippymmmy, I think I will make a Mrs Snakey ;)Good idea. As soon as Mr T could alk the only toys he was interested in were Rain's! So it'll probably be the same, ha ha. Better get it worked out now!

karisma said...

Mr Snakey brings back memories for me! All my kids have had one over the years. DB made his own a couple of years back and carted it about for ages. I think he has long forgotten about it now though.

SOCKS!!!! Next time you need some, email me.... I do believe I have two bags full of odd ones. While I am not much into wearing shoes, my kids are and the girls like to wear 2 pairs of socks at once! Having said that there never seems to be any matching ones!

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