Sunday, November 23


I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful for al my family and freinds. Yesterday's working bee went really well. So much got done that would have taken Peace and I months to get through.
We painted the whole house, made a new garden, mowed the whole block...It was wonderful.
Then we shared a meal an sat around a fire. Rain and her cousin put on a show for us and then we all had a fire twirl.
Thankyou everyone!


Amber said...

Wow, what a productive day. How lucky you are to have folk to help you like that. I am sure you deserve all those good people's

LotusMama said...

^^yes ITA! It is lovely also that you are able to ask them. How lovely to have a circle of people like that in your life :)

hippymummy said...

i'm so glad that your working bee went really well, i've been away this weekend so have been computerless (eek!) but i did think about you and hoped everything went ok :-) xXx

jodi said...

You are blessed!

karenjane said...

how fantastic that you got so much done! you live on a beautiful land, it must be great for your children to have so much space to play and explore

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