Saturday, March 23

Welcome to Fun Creek.

To get to our house from town you have to drive up a long, winding country road. First you drive along the valley floor between lush green hills.

And you must cross 2 bridges and 19 causeways before you reach the steep bit of road that takes you up out of the valley to where this house sits at the top, looking all the way down to the Sea.

Having so many creek crossings is the reason that after a bit of rain we get cut off from town. The creeks rise quickly but they also fall quickly...unless there are weeks and weeks of rain like recently.
We were flooded in here for 21 days during January and February!

At the last of these creek crossing, before we get home is spot you can pull over and walk down to the waters edge.

This is the place the Kids have named Fun Creek.
Why? Because it is fun!!!

And it is a most beautiful spot. A place to go and ground in Nature, a place to go listen to the forest, forget about the rest of the world and to soak in the cool waters during  the scorching days of Summer.
A place for the children to be the free sprites they naturally are.

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A Girl in the World said...

Oh so beautiful, lovely pictures you live in paradise :-)

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