Sunday, March 17

A Journey

Sometimes in losing everything and going back to zero, we experience that time of emptiness and lack of hope; that dark, deep, shadowy place that scares the pants off us, that feels like the whole Universe is literally weighing down on us; that place that makes us cry and cry with the thought of never seeing the sunshine again; with never being able to love again.

We know what love is, we know that some when before this, we felt love but we can not remember how to feel it now. Love seems like something from a half remembered dream. And this is what scares us so much we are not sure if we should choose life…because of all the things we are afraid of, the greatest fear is that we will never feel again.

But maybe it is only from that place we can re-learn everything we thought we knew.

Down there, after some time, we may catch a miniscule glimmer of the light that used to make us smile. At first we cannot smile but the memory of a genuine smile grasps our attention. And fixating on that ray of light, staring into those eyes of innocence and trust, watching that small sprite dance on the water and thinking of nothing else, just the beauty that is there can slowly reawaken our soul.

And being wary that we lost everything for a reason, we lost the good but we also received the gift of losing the bad. That we have been given the opportunity to learn to see love and see the beauty again and the opportunity to leave our out-dated habits and self perception behind.

We have been stripped bare.

We can seek the light like an innocent child. Cautiously at first we follow the muse. Resting and retreating when the night returns but always keeping that glimmer in the corner of our mind.

We re-learn the lessons we once knew, but this time they come together differently; like some kind of mystical puzzle that rearranges itself into something greater than all its separate parts. We begin to see the connection in everything we have ever learned and as the pieces slot back together, they seem to fire up magical connections.

And slowly we realise that the Magic we are experiencing is actually us. And we begin to see how it all comes together and get glimpses of how we can truly use that power.

And we see that even those dark pits of tar we sunk deep into, were a catalyst; a nudge from somewhere unseen, a necessary piece of the soul we needed to experience and explore.

And one day we awaken and feel this wondrous feeling of love, flowing not only through our own veins, but out of us and out into the whole Universe.

So we breathe in and out, and we relax, and again we breathe in and we feel the power of the Great Mother flowing up from the Earth through us, and we Breath out and return thanks to her for her Abundance and her LOVE.


Hellena Post said...

Beautiful. And so nice to be looking at your blog again! thanks and big love to you :)

Yeshe said...


Ariad said...

Thanks :)

Kimmie said...

One of your best posts.


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