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Health, Disease and Compulsory Crap.

There are new government regulations here is Australia about compulsory Pre-School Health checks. They only apply to families on welfare payments.
I can see that on one hand they were introduced to help children. It’s a well known and sad fact that families on the lower end of the socio-economic scale have more health problems but I also see it as an unfair, marginalizing, discriminatory policy.

It assumes that everyone with a lower income is either an uneducated, stupid or lazy parent. This is not true…just as it is not true that families with higher income look after their kids’ health in a responsible way.

If you don’t get the health check before your child is of compulsory school age the government can now cut your payments. This is perhaps the bit that shits me most of all. It is stinking capitalist coercion!

So I have to take Amaya to see a doctor to prove to the government she is healthy.

I mentioned it to her the other day and she was horrified at the thought of going to the doctor.

You see she has never been to a doctor in her life. In fact even when I gave birth and throughout my whole pregnancy with her, I did not see one Health Care Professional.

Now not taking my kids to ever see a doctor is not in anyway related to my income. In fact it is related to my life style and my intelligence.

My kids have been sick before. Not very often but they have had an occasional cold or flu or tummy bug. But none of them have ever been sick enough to warrant a doctor’s visit.
So I’ve discovered that because Amaya has no experience of doctors she has built up a negative image of doctors and hospitals and thinks that only very sick people and people who are about to die go to see doctors.

Just because our lives lack much contact with the modern medical profession does not mean I neglect my family’s health.

In fact I take a huge interest in their health.
We treat our illnesses with herbs and natural remedies. We have faith in the body’s ability to heal itself; a belief that every illness actually strengthens the immune system…whereas every course of unnecessary antibiotics weakens it.

Some might view this as a radical way to live. Actually it’s about self-responsibility.
We are responsible for our own health. We do not wait til we are sick and diseased and then let someone else take responsibility for making us better.

If we live and eat healthily we can maintain our good health.

AND of course I value the modern medical system; for its amazing achievements in surgery and it’s efficacy at curing very serious diseases.

AND of course I would take my children straight to a doctor if they ever needed to go.

But for common illnesses I have little faith in the poisons Doctors prescribe.

So all this means for me, is to have a few gentle talks with Amaya; to explain that you don’t have to be “very” sick to go to see a doctor, that we are going so the Doctor will tell us how healthy and strong she is.
That doctors are generally very friendly and nice and that I will be with her and cuddling her the whole time


A Blessed Life said...

This is a very interesting blog today and I agree with you for he most,but I do agree all children have a medical check before school,it is just putting a time frame on something as a starting point.while you have been blessed with a healthy safe home birth there are many out there that were not so lucky and wanted to have their bubs at home,so it was wonderful that your births were safe. All children have to have the check as far as I know but I think the point was to encourage everyone to have the check,not everyone is as responsible as you have been.
I just wanted to let you know that because of the pre going to school check our sons middle son found out he was almost blind in his left eye,Eden was so clever at coping with his vision that his parents really did not realise his problem,at 3 he squinted in the sunlight but they just thought him light sensitive and did take him to the eye fellow but never thought it was as bad as it is,all this time on,he is now 9 he will never get a drivers licence sadly but if they had taken him when they first saw him squint and he had patched his eye regularly he would have better vision now.
I think you have done a wonderful job being able to not have to go to the doctor,I hope your family stays healthy,but it does bring my next question for you I think perhaps that means no immunisation has been done either,now that is a worry for you and for others and maybe something to really think about.

Ariad said...

Hi A beleesed life, It is not compulsory for all children to have a health check...only those whose parents are on family payment.

No, I have not had my children immunised. I have done a great deal of research into vaccines and the health problems they cause are far greater then the risk of diseases they supposedly prevent.

There is no risk to anyone else if my children are not immunised. If someone elses children ARE immunised then they are supposedly safe. So how would my children affect them?

It is sad that your grandson's eye problem was not picked up sooner and I am fortunate that my home births have been easy and safe BUT I don't believe the safety of my homebirths has been due to LUCK at all.

They have been safe because I know and trust my body and because I have intellectually gained the knowledge I needed to make them safe.

I will do a psot soon about choosing not to immunise because there is not enough room here to cover it all.

Pixie Avril said...

I agree it is a law against choice on how to raise your children. Forced vaccinations are wrong.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see you are sticking to your beliefs and not taking your child for the mandated check up and not taking the family payment anymore! YAY!

Ariad said...

Dear Anonymous, you must have mis-understood or not read the post until the end. I am taking my daughter for the health check.
I was merely stating my opinion that the health checks are unfair because they target people on Family payment...a fairer system would be to make health checks mandotory for all children.

While it might be a Nobel action to refuse the Family payment, it really would not achieve anything, not to mention that if I did I would find it extremely hard to live and keep a roof over my childrens heads.

I do however, continue to wonder why people who want to make disparaging comments are not brave enough to put their name to their comment???

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