Friday, March 9

Homeschool Abseiling Day

Yesterday a couple of local homeschool groups got together to go abseiling for the day.

Thanks so much to Peace for being our guide.

We all had heaps of fun and are planning another day out soon :)


A.S.L said...

Tres cool!

Kimmie said...

The best kind of learning out in the fresh air!

Ariad said...

It is the best kind of learning! We had about 30 adults and kids. The parents enjoyed the experience just as much as the kids and the kids enjoyed playing in the cave and in the bush and the camp fire just as much as the abseiling :)

Hellena Post said...

Wow...that looks cool!! We would have come along to that!! Let us know next time something happens? Pretty please with sugar on top? :)

Ariad said...

Oh, Hellena! I did think of you. The day I posted it on the groups I had 30 people by lunch time...and I had set a limit of 20!!!
We are going to do another very soon. I will let you know first :))

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