Wednesday, January 25

Floods, vampires and society girls...

To get to my house from Mullumbimby you have to drive over two bridges and across 19 cause-ways. The road winds along a river valley and then up into the hills where my house is set at the very top. The drive here is beautiful. I love winding through the green fields and then the rainforest. But the fact that the road crosses the river 23 times means that when we get a bit of rain I am often flooded in here, no way to get to town.

Being flooded in is no big deal when you live in sub-tropical country areas of Australia. I’ve lived in a lot of rural areas and usually people are prepared to be cut off for a few days.
The biggest hassle is boredom or cabin fever…you know when the kids have made cubby-houses, played 100 games of monopoly, read books, watched DVD’s and are now bored and cranky and all they want is to get out of the house. In the ordinary circumstances of wet weather you can always take them to visit friends or to go to the movies but when you are flooded in there is no choice but to stay put and try to find more games to play.

Actually I am being a bit unfair here. The kids haven’t really been bored at all, they quiet happily go between reading and playing and building and watching. It’s actually me who gets ants in my pants and “needs” to get out of the house. But never mind me, I am learning to sit and be still and wait for inspiration to strike and if it doesn’t then I just go and play dolls with Tui.

It is rather wonderful being up in the clouds though!

Earlier in the week we were flooded in and the kids wanted to play dress-ups.
Rain came up with a plan to play it like a make-over show.
She took Tui into her room with a pile of dress-ups and make-up and I was to dress and make-up Mr T… we had ½ an hour to create our characters.

Here are the results.
The Vampire.

And the princess (although I think she looks more like a society girl!)

...yep, a bit of a natural model there...

During the last 24hours we have had another 200mm of rain fall. The cause-ways are all flooded again. Unfortunately I was supposed to get a gas bottle delivered this morning but the driver couldn’t get through, as serendipity would have it my gas ran out at about lunch time. So I am hoping the water goes down sometime soon. I can cook on the camping cooker and boil water in the kettle for dishes and washing but it is nice to have some luxuries!

Today the kids are all at Peaces house for the night. And after spending lots of time sewing lately I took out my crochet again. Last week in Nimbin I saw some beautiful knitted dresses for sale. They really inspired me. Not to make a copy but just set a whole bunch of ideas running through my mind. After drawing a couple of designs earlier in the week I started work on one yesterday. I finished it this morning... photos coming soon.


Hellena Post said...

yeah wow....this is our first time being flooded in - that experience tends not to happen a lot in SA!! And apart from wishing we'd gone shopping yesterday, all's good and we're a little excited :) Love the makeovers, and really looking forward to seeing your dress!! Might inspire me to join in too.....

Ariad said...

Hi Hellena, how you holding up in the floods???

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