Friday, December 23

There's a Circus in my house

Last week the kids had their last circus classes for the year. I know they will miss going there over the holidays. The classes are so much fun, the teachers great and they love seeing their circus friends.

Mr T is especially excited about circus classes next year. He has been asked to join the kids performance crew. So he will be going to circus twice a week and doing longer classes.

But even though they will miss the classes they are still practising at home.

For Christmas I made them a trapeze. It is made from 20mm galvanised plumbing pipe, a couple of elbow fittings, some high strength tow rope and cycling handlebar grip tape.

Peace came over and with his rock climbing expertise rigged it safely to the roof beams.

We didn't want to wait til Christmas to put it up!
So it now hangs proudly in the lounge room alongside the Tissu Rain got for her birthday.

Tama's just been hanging around alot lately.

So along with the Tissu and the Trapeze, the diablos and devil sticks, the pois, hula hoops and juggling clubs that are always lying around between uses my house has begun to take on a decidedly circusy-feel.

All we need now are a couple of clowns... oh, I think we have them already :)


karisma said...

Awesome! Looks like a lot of fun will be happening in your house. :-)

Kimmie said...

Love it!

Kimberley said...

My sprogs are feeling sad about the end of term break in circus classes too. That's the worst thing about being unschoolers I think, having to break at the end of school terms! ha. We're all looking forward to the start of the new circus term too.

Luscious Lea said...

That's so awesome!! I wish I had a trapeze, but I shall have to be content with doing aerial acrobatics on my dance pole.

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