Friday, November 25

The six year, five minute flower.

When we fisrt purchased our farm I discovered some bulbs growing off our back veranda.
I weeded around them and showed Peace where they were so he wouldn't run over them with the lawn mower.
For five years I watered and weeded around my bulbs, waiting to see what they would look like when they flowered. I thought they might be a  type crocus but wasn't sure what colour flower they would have.

Every Spring just as they were about to flower they were run over by the lawn mower!

I weeded around them and marked them with rocks but Peace seemed to often forget they were there.

So I moved out from the farm without ever finding out what they looked like.

BUT before he left Peace dug up some of the bulbs and brought them to me in a pot.

Spring has sprung and at last after six years I have seen my flower.
I hadn't even been paying attention to them and walked around the corner the other day to find this...

After excitedly showing everyone I walked away and five minutes later Tui picked the flower and brought it to me with a beautiful shy smile on her face... "I picked this for you Mummy"

At least I now know what type of bulbs I have, even if it didn't last very long!

Looking forward to tending my bulbs and having a garden again oneday to plant them in.


Anne said...

Beautiful Flower...:)

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

What an exquisite expression of her deep feelings for you and her ability to demonstrate that. Hugs from afar.

A Blessed Life said...

Thats an awww moment if ever there ws one lol.

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