Sunday, October 2

Meeting Hellena

When I was a kid I read all the "Anne of Green Gables" books. I loved them at the time, I actually have no idea what I might think of those books as an adult, never having read them again, but one phrase that sticks in my mind from my "Anne" days is Kindred Spirit.
She used this term about people she might meet that would some how have this deep connection with her.
I guess these days you might use "Soul Connection".

I've just met a couple of kindred spirits; Hellena and Currawong. Hellena blogs here at Spunout Post.
I've read her blog for ages and always admired Hellena. Not only for her amazing homespun, crochet/ felted creations and her wearable art, but also for her attitude, her spirit and her presence.

And now here they are, in my life and in my home.

It's strange meeting people from blog-land in real life. Good but strange! You feel like you already know these people, you know bits of their lives, you feel like you already know their kids and so much about them that when you meet you feel a bit overwhelmed.

Wow! I know you but I only just met you five minutes ago.

Meeting Hellena was awesome. We hugged, for a long time, we introduced our hundreds of kids (hehehe...we only have ten between us) and then we talked.

It's funny feeling, reading a blog and feeling so involved in an others life and maybe even commenting on that blog and interacting and THEN getting to speak with that blogs author in real life.

I'm not sure it'd be the same with everyone I might meet from blog-land but with Hellena it feels like meeting a soul sister. And her partner Currawong is everything she raves about him on her blog too.

I've met some people like me, unschoolers, pragmatic, down to Earth, real, totally real people. Honest and fun, crazy (in a good way) and it feels like the start of an awesome life-long I gushing too much?

And the wonderful serendipitous thing is that they are looking for somewhere to stay and I am going to Thailand for 5 weeks and need house-sitters!

Currawong and he kids playing Twister.
So finally I am getting excited about Thailand, only three sleeps. But honestly I haven't really got very excited yet, I guess that will happen when I get there. The kids though are very excited. Zan arrived here from his Dad's place yesterday and it is great to have us all together again, and they are all talking nothing but Thailand!

Lucky for us (our Thai unschooling lessons never really got off the ground!) Zan has this awesome App on his Ipod that translate English to Thai. The swearing section has kept us all amused today :)


Star said...

Thanks Rainbow Ariad, Just glanced her blog and this is the sorta stuff I won't to read, Ta Bella. Have a yummy pad Thai and stay safe, lots of Love...on your travels.

karisma said...

The awesomeness feelings are pouring out of my screen!!!! Enjoy yourselves lovelies xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Ariad said...

Thanks people :D

Y_T said...

I bought into the whole kindred spirits thing big time when I was and "Anne" fanatic. Then I spent my whole childhood wondering why I never met anyone like me. Now I have my people. I found my home with those like me and it is soooooo important.
Happy heart for you Ariad, AND have a blast in Thailand!!

Earthdrummer said...

Just a bit jealous, Dear One!! Have a Yummy, star-filled time! Take loads of pictures to share!

Hellena Post said...

Only just found this one....we've been hanging round Nimbin nearly every day looking for a home...and there's no bloody reception anywhere here!! Not for us luddites on Vodafone anyway:)

But I gotta say darlin, the feeling is totally mutual, and I've just finished writing the blog post about meeting you too!! Gonna try and post it today.... Am loving it so much here, and so greatful for the great gift you've given us of letting us stay in your space!! And I remember Anne of Green Gables too...and always wanted to meet kindred spirits. Took me a long time to meet the real thing, but I'm so happy that there's a few peppered in my life, with you being the newest:)

Big love to you and yours and look forward to seeing you all when you get back!!!

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