Sunday, October 23

The good the bad and the crazy

I am still enjoying Thailand, it is an amazing place. Even though travelling with four kids and your ex has its challenges.
And I think every bad thing you are warned about when you come to Thailand has happened to me.
I was run into by a motorbike on a footpath in Bangkok (just a bruised arm), ripped off by street sellers in Chang Mai, fell off a motor scooter in Pai (just scrapes and bruises). Had a hair raising drive down the mountain today in the back of a pickup truck and on arrival back in Chang Mai found out that connecting flights I have booked and paid for seem to have disappeared into the ether and then used an ATM to get some cash and it took my card and didn't give it back!!!

So after two hours of trying to find a public phone that would work and numerous phone calls to numerous people I still have yet to find my flights or my credit card...

deep breath...I keep thinking "patience grasshopper".

Getting stressed about all this will not resolve anything, I will persevere tomorrow when everything opens again.

No pics today because mt camera is playing up BUT we just stayed at the most beautiful place yet. A small village called Ban Tham Lot, on the northern border of Thailand and Burma. The village is near a cave system that has some of Thailand's largest caves and many amazing archaeological treasures.

We stayed in an amazing guest house run by an ex-pat Aussie named John Spies. He has lived in the area for 30 years and has some amazing stories to tell about the history of the Golden Triangle and all the trouble on the border. He was the first white man many hill tribes had ever seen and has been there and witnessed the changes roads, electricity and education have brought to the hill tribe people. He is also responsible for the discovery and exploration of many of the caves in the area.

We visited a Karen Village and had a local guide take us into an amazing cave.
Had to crawl through the mud through a tiny opening to get inside a huge chamber that when kilometers back into the mountain.

Yesterday it was Zans birthday and we kayaked through another cave for 200m underground, it was breath taking, and then on down the river over 6km of rapids!

We are all having a great time. Zan is homesick though and is going home early, tomorrow...if I can find the missing connecting flights.
Off to bed now as we have to be up at 5 to get to the airport.


A Blessed Life said...

O'hhhh me thinks you may be happy to be safe home....just a little bit lol glad you have had such an adventure,hopefully you can laugh about it all one day.

karisma said...

Oh my! Sending some safe vibes your way! I also got hit by a car in Bali, refrained from mentioning on my blog as mum reads it! The monkey biting me was bad enough for her. LOL Ahhh the things we do hey? It all adds to the adventure though. I think it is so humbling to learn from these trips, we take life so for granted here. The kayaking sounds awesome! Keep safe! Hugs xoxox

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