Saturday, August 27

Let it rain

It's been raining all week and I now have a tank of water! Oh I love the rain.
I love that when it rains it's a great excuse to do crafty/ inside things. The kids have been construcing cubbie houses in the lounge room, doing heaps of reading and snuggling by the fire and watching DVD's.
We have been busy too. Monday we went to a homeschoolers French class.Tuesday was Rain's birthday.
Thursday night we went to see the Circus Out of Africa. Amazing acrobatics!
Yesterday Rain and Mr T went to a homeschooling group craft meet up and did some papier mache.

I've been crocheting some baby longies, they are not quite finished yet but I have been sewing a bit this week. I wanted to make a pattern for a frilly, girly, floaty kind of skirt, it worked and I love this new skirt I made myself.

Going to make some more like it :)

Pixie dust and chocolate sprinkles


Kimmie said...

Love your new skirt!

Earthdrummer said...

Such a happy post!! Yeah for rain!!
Blessed Be!!

Luscious Lea said...

Ohh I lurve that skirt!! Brilliant photo too

Hellena Post said...

Love it when the rain lets the indoor things be good:) Nice sewing work....I appreciate it all the more since I've been doing so much myself! So are you going to the Rainbow Corroboree in Tabulam?

Ariad said...

I am hoping to get out there Hellena, it will be fun and the site is amazing! On the banks of a beautiful river and the valley feels like it is the mothers arms embracing you.
The volunteer camp is alread underway so I'm hoping to go visit for a couple of days soon.

Kimberley said...

That is a fabulous skirt! Congratulations on the full rainwater tank too, bliss :)

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