Saturday, July 2


Yesterday morning, as soon as she woke up Tui announced that she wanted pancakes for breakfast.
I asked her to wait a little bit and then I would make them for her.

I was outside and could hear her clanging around in the kitchen. So I peeked inside.

She had pushed a chair up to the bench and gotten out the flour and eggs. A cup and a spoon.

I thanked her for getting all the things ready to make pancakes and said I would be in shortly.
I continued doing what I was doing.

When I went inside she had mixed flour and water and an egg in her cup!

She put the fry pan on the gas cooker.
She put some butter on the fry pan,

Then looked at me and said,
"you cook pancakes now?"

I love how my kids aren't afraid to help themselves because I don't try to stop them from doing things that push their abilities.

I cooked the pancakes. In her little cup she'd made just enough mixture for four small pancakes, two each, she announced. She's only just turned three and can count and divide quite naturally without being taught.

I love unschooling!


Norlin said...

I think it's great to let kids figure things out for themselves. I heart unschooling too.

Kimmie said...

Ohmygosh she melts my heart. She is such a precious lil sweetheart!!

Y_T said...

Most admirable!

Luscious Lea said...

Your kids are such beautiful souls.

Charlotte Teek said...

lovely story Ariad. can you fbk me yr phone number - my messaging isn't working. want to talk abt the 15th.

4kids, 2 guinea pigs, 1 happy family said...


majikfaerie said...

easy to see where she gets her brains and cuteness from

messyfish said...

That's so cool. Imagine tui and little messyfish together in thr kitchen. It would be so cute.

Ariad said...

It would be so cool to see them cooking up a storm together!

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