Monday, July 25

Blessed and blissed

I'm feeling blissed and blessed.
Our new house is lovely. The unpacking is coming along slowly but surely.
I have been loving lighting the fire and spending cosy nights crocheting and talking to friends beside it.

My happy flags are coming along nicely. I think by the time I've finished unpacking I'll be hanging them up.

I received the most amazing house warming gift in the mail. A beautiful soul named Lars, whom I met at a Rainbow gathering sent me this amazing Candelabra. It's has a lovely family story behind it which makes it so much more special. The kids were also most grateful for the treats included in the parcel. Tui loves her little doggie; she carries it every where, and they made short work of the lollies!!!

Where there is unpacking there are many boxes.
So of course a Mansion had to be built in the lounge room.

I love how the kids co-operate when they are doing something fun together.

And Rain and I are both loving the spacious kitchen. We've been cooking and baking everyday.
Rain made some raw ice cream yesterday (she even made a small lactose-free batch for me, with coconut cream instead of regular cream.) It went perfectly with the banana and chocolate cake she baked! 

I've just said goodbye to my first house guests. Friends fresh home from India have been staying and been the best guests ever!
Every night we've been cooking up a storm in the kitchen. They left me with a load of fire wood they collected, clean gutters and many happy memories. They played with my kids, helped me out, gave me space, shared many lovely and inspiring tales of their adventures and shared 1000 cups of chai.
Man! you guys should just move in!!!

And I've been spending lots of time with majikfaerie. What could be more blissful than that?


majikfaerie said...

glad to hear the bliss is mutual :)

Luscious Lea said...

Sounds lovely

Earthdrummer said...

Bliss is so good, is it not?
So happy to read you are doing well!
Blessed Be!!

Ariad said...

Thankyou all :-)

Kimmie said...



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