Friday, May 6

A Shiny New Machine

My excuse was that Mothers Day is coming up so I bought myself a new sewing machine.
It is a brand new sewing machine. I only ever had second hand ones before.

Living in  small shack with a dodgey solar power system makes it tricky being able to use the said machine. The power only runs the lights for a couple of hours at night when it's been a sunny day so I can't really waste the power but usually once a day someone turns on the generator so we can all charge our laptops or to use other appliances.

The trick is to have my sewing all ready to go and then I eagerly listen out for the sound of the generator being turned on and can get a bit of sewing done then.

Inspired by the gorgeous creations over here at Etsy, TPF Faerie Wear and Intergalactic Apparel. I made a pattern for a hooded pixie vest.

It is coming along slowly because of the power situation and trying to find time to sew with the three kids needing attention, but it is coming along and I'm pretty happy with it so far. Not that it will be anything as gorgeous as the creations on the above sites!

This is the felt panel I want to sew onto the back of the jacket.

Anyway I'm off to cut out more fabric and eagerly await the sound of the genny!


Suzie said...

Thank you for following my humble little blog. This is so awesome! I've never lived from solar power before - it must be a great lesson in patience. :) Your sewing machine is beautiful. Go you for treating yourself!

Ariad said...

Thanks Suzi. Solar power can be good but the place where I'm living temporarily has a really old system and the battery bank hardly holds any power. But you are right! It is a lesson in patience :)

Luscious Lea said...

yay for a new machine :)

karen said...

yay for your new sewing machine, mine is almost the same except its green! Hope you manage to get a little sewing done each day so you can finish your top

Kimmie said...

How exciting a new sewing machine. I am sure that you will put it to great use Ariad. Can't wait to see all the lovelies you make.



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