Tuesday, April 12

Rainbow Country

Our first week away from our old home has been fun. We are staying at the Rainbow Temple near Byron Bay. There are so many lovely people who live here and pass through here all the time. The kids are enjoying meeting all the travellers from around the world. 

Our room at the Temple
Rain and Mr T have been hanging around on the trapeze and we've all been practicing devil sticks and pois and fire twirling everyday. And the kids have been learning to speak smatterings of other languages.

There are some wonderful musicians here and I love sitting by the fire in the evening listening to the singing and guitars and drums.

On the weekend we went to The Channon markets. The kids made a really cool candle.

Mr T ran around with awhole heap of other kids.

And Tui had her face painted.

Can't wait til next week :)


karisma said...

Oh lucky you. The candle looks really awesome xox

Kel said...

Ooh you're making me nostalgic for the North Coast again :) I love The Channon.

karen said...

wow what fun, I want to come adventuring with you all!

T_Y said...

Tui looks so grown up!

majikfaerie said...

looks awesome! I love going to The Channon ;)

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