Wednesday, April 27

Love Shack

We have been lucky to find a little shack to move into next door to the Rainbow Temple. Rental houses seem hard to come by around here so it's good to have somewhere to stay while we are looking around for a bigger house.

the kitchen

It is very basic accomodation. We have solar power to run a couple of lights and a power point. And there is no hot water on tap which means heating water for washing. We have to share a bathroom and toilet but it is private here and came with a ready made vegie garden. And the garden is the main thing I've been missing since leaving the farm. 
And it has a roof that keeps the rain out and there seems to be an abundance of rain around here!

long view of a really long and narrow house

These pics are from when the shack was empty. I post some more once I get it looking homely.

the bedroom

The great thing is too that there are four other dwellings here so there are lots of nice neighbours and we are only 50 meters walk from the Rainbow Temple so the kids can still play with the kids staying there and we can all walk down in the evenings to lisien to the music and sit around the fire.

view of the garden out the window

Rain, Tui and Tama sitting on the verandah


FaerieMama said...

I want to live there!

karisma said...

Oh it is very sweet! Happy dwelling! Hugs xox

Bel said...

I hope it's cosy and warm in the new shack. Blessings to your new home and its inhabitants. xx

Kel said...

I was wondering how you were going without your gardens ;)
Blessings for your new home xoxo all the rain will sound lovely on that solid roof xo

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