Saturday, February 19

A new perspective.

I have been having troubles with my Internet connection lately. The first one never did get very good reception and I wanted to get a mobile broadband thingummy so when I move I can take the Internet with me.
When I purchased my thingummy at the shop the sales assistant forgot to check whether I could get coverage in my I got it home only to find it would not work.
Luckily I can return it and get my money back but meanwhile, thanks to Zan, who walked around the whole block of land with the modem to see if he could get a signal anywhere, I can now use my Internet...only I have to sit in a tree!
The connection does still keep dropping out but as long as I don't drop out of my tree, I'm happy:)
And the view from here is great...just the change in perspective I needed.

Note to self: spend more time in trees.


Kimmie said...

Love it!
Go Zan

ayladakora said...

Thats actually kinda neat. Internet in a tree. :)

Ariad said...

yeah, it felt kinda good, even though at first I felt a little silly and part of me was thinking it's crazy me sitting in a tree just to go on the internet, a different part of me thought, this is the best place ever to be on the Internet or to just be:)
And if everybody had to climb a tree to get reception...imagine what a cool place the worls would be.

Ren said...

I need a laptop in a tree... with a tray of tea and a really good ladder x Imagine how happy admin workers would be if all offices were tree houses instead of tacky concrete boxes...

karen said...

I feel happy to be reading a blog post that was written in a tree:) Im agreeing with Ren, lap top up a tree with a tray of tea (and maybe a few chock chip bickies) would be the most awesome thing ever!

Jessica said...

A lap top in a tree...what a great idea.You get your internet, in touch with nature and some relaxation.Perfect!

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