Thursday, February 3

Gardeners Falls

We drove up to Maleny today to pick Zan up from his Dad's house and on the way home stopped at Gardeners Falls.

I haven't been there for years but it's one of my favourite waterholes on the coast.

Zan Rain and I took turns leaping off the 4m high waterfall, into the deep pool below.
It was so hot today and the water was so refreshing.
Tui and Mr T played in the shallows further up stream.

Mr T was most impressed when I showed him how to disappear under this small waterfall into the little cave behind it where you can sit and watch the water rushing down in front of you.
We had to do it so many times.

There was alot of  damage surrounding the creek from the recent floods but it is still a beautiful place. I love the feeling I get in the rainforest and swimming in fresh clear clean water.


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