Thursday, February 10

Big Kids and Little Kids.

We've been having this discussion lately, well the kids have and they have asked me to adjudicate. The question is
 How old are big kids?

Rain says you have to be 10 to be a big kid, Mr T says that he is a big kid so it must be about 6 that you become a big kid.

Anyway my answer to the question was that you are a baby til you can walk, then you are a toddler until you are about three/ four and start stretching up and losing that cute little toddler pot belly, then you become a little kid.
You become a big kid when you get your two top front teeth, at ten you are a pre-teen and obviously at 13 your are a teenager.
My answer didn't really make any difference to the on going discussion anyway. And Yep, I know it is a pointless argument really but what do you all think?


Rain said...

You where a kid so long ago mum you wouldn't even remember so i am reminding you that a big kid is 10.

Ariad said...

ooooh, the cheekiness!!!

Kimmie said...

lol @ Rain, now I know your mum is a tad younger than me at 38? So I must be an old relic cos I am 44 sigh hehehehe.

greendraggon said...

Lol Rain.
I dunno really about big kids but I agree with you about babies and toddlers. You are a baby until you can walk, then you are a toddler. I'm surprised at how many people I know think babies don't turn into toddlers until two or even three! Most of the toddling is done with by then IMO.
Actually I do know about big kids - you are a big kid when you can go on playground flying foxes without an adult to help you get UP there.

karisma said...

LOL Touche Rain. We never really had this discussion other than anyone smaller than you is a little kid, so be gentle, anyone bigger than you is a big kid, try to be respectful (sometimes a hard ask if they are not respectful in kind). Of course when you get to my age, you are just a big kid anyway.

Ariad said...

I love that GD, about being able to get on the flying fox, and Karisma, love that too, about everyone smaller is a little kid etc.
love it!

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