Sunday, January 30

In the fairy garden.

The Jasmine vine has finally grown to cover the archway I built out of reo bar and concrete reinforcing mesh. I love walking through here into the fairy garden .

The Agapanthus that I grew from a single cutting from my Mum's bush surrounds the fairy circle. They are Tui's favourites because they are so bright and big.

This little seat which is a wonderful place to sit out of the Sun and to pick strawberries and mulberries straight out of the garden, yum!

I planted these two lilli pillys four years ago to form another arch to get to another secret part of the garden. Finally they are starting to touch, Peace pruned them into a really nice arch this morning :)

The tree with the platform is looking so lovely and bushy, a perfect spot to sit quietly and meditate.

This afternoon the kids took all the prunings from our garden tidy up and built a little humpy.

Tui hiding inside.

Now they are have started a camp fire and are roasting potatoes and cooking toast.

I have a blessed life.


karisma said...


Luscious Lea said...

That does certainly sound a truly blessed life. Such a beautiful garden and what wonderful free thinking children. Makes me feel more relaxed just looking at the pictures of such a peaceful garden.

Kel said...

Your place looks amazing! I especially love the platform in the tree :)

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