Monday, November 1

Today's stuff

Lucky for us the silkworms have the perfect lifestyle for us to go away for two weeks. A couple of them had just started to go into cocoons when we left. They stay in their cocoons for about two weeks. When we got home they were all cocooned and within a day the first moth had hatched.

Once they hatch the flightless moths do not eat at all. They lay their eggs and then die within a week.
The eggs won't hatch until next spring. A great pet if you ask me!

The Green Love pants are finished too:)
Now to find someone to love them.

The kids have been making Gods eyes and braided braclets from my scrap yarn.

Rain has been downloading French lessons from the internet and Mr T made a kite.

And this afternoon we all spent some time weeding the garden before it started to rain.

Now it's time to chillout for the afternoon and read:)

1 comment:

Luscious Lea said...

The pants turned out great.

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