Wednesday, November 17

Tipi update

I have finally finished sewing the kids tipi cover. It took awhile but I was doing it in between playing with kids and so on.

I am pleased to have the main bit finished but there is still a bit to do. Find and cut some bamboo tipi poles and sand them smooth, sew the funky sheets I found at the op shop into a tipi liner to make it nice and colourful inside, sew the door cover and sew on some peg loops around the bottom.

I am hoping to have it finished by next week. And hopefully my next pair of purple, crochet womens pants will be finished by then too.


Kimmie said...

Fabulous the kids will LOVE it~!

Ariad said...

Thanks Kimmie :)

Anonymous said...

I CAN'T WAIT to see the finished product. We have a tipi frame on our land made out of metal poles. I daydream about making a cover for it with denim or some kind of earthen have inspired me with all your creative-ness and determination! THX!

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