Sunday, October 3

Silkworm update

The silkworms are growing huge and this morning we noticed that one had started to spin it's cocoon.

Yesterday we had a visit from my brother and his family.

It was nice to see two of my nephews again. They played with the silkworms too.

This morning I have been playing a great game with Tui. She gets various pieces out of different games, some cards and some toy money.

You then randomly (although maybe she does have rules because a couple of times I was told I was doing it wrong!) put pieces on the table, swap pieces with other player, deal the cards out, count different things and at the end of the game you hide all your pieces under a cushion!!!


Anne said...

They are nice fat silk worms....:)

karisma said...

Well, I would love to play Tui's game but someone around here keeps hiding my cushions because apparently they are ugly! I told someone if she was offended by them she should make new covers then! haha!

Those worms got big quick.

suzanne said...

Hello Ariad

We are busy going through the silkworm phase too. I love little Tui's top~

A happy day to you
Warm regards

karen said...

how cool are silk worms! Do you get them from somewhere or just find them in your garden? Id love to have some

Ariad said...

Hi Karen,
You have to buy the eggs or already hatched worms from someone. They have been domesticated for thousands of years and the moths are flightless and they aren't found anywhere in nature anymore.

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