Monday, September 13

Circus skills

Rain has been practising lots of circus skills lately. I wish I had got a video of this. She can now do five hula hoops at once!

She has also been practising on her unicycle everyday. She got it a year ago and has never really learnt to ride it properly but she decided last week to practice everyday for as long as it takes to be able to ride it. Already after a week she can ride it a couple of meters without stepping off.
Hopefully soon I'll have a videa of her zooming around on it!

Mr T and I have been practising hand stands and cartwheels today too. I showed him a one handed cart wheel and straight away he launched into one and pulled it off perfectly.
Then this evening he has been doing acrobalance with P.

We'll be able to start our own family circus soon :)


karen said...

you guys are so fun! Cant wait to hear about your family circus traveling the country:)

Ariad said...

lol Karen...might be a little while :)

Amber said...

Oh great please visit this way when you begin, i know many a fam's who would pay to see your beautiful family perform...heheh

majikfaerie said...

awesome! littletree would love to see her hulahooping 5!

Anonymous said...

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