Friday, August 20


My new camera has been dropped and works no more:(
But since I've been sorting through my old photos, remember the ones you actually ge developed???, I though I'd share some.

A family portrait we had taken years ago at Dream world. They dress you up in a range of old costumes. I love the serious expressions on our faces, to make it look authentic they told us not to smile.
Makes me laugh every time I see this photo.

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karisma said...

Oh no! Are you sure it works no more and is not just resting? I dropped my baby when we went away once, it did not work and then it had a spot in the lens I sent it away and they got rid of the spot but it still whirrs a lot! sigh. I have the little camera but not the same. I feel your pain and hope yours is just resting! Hugs. xoxox

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