Sunday, August 15

The next generation

I love that my kids have really assimilated attachment parenting into their play. They have never used dolls prams but always wanted me to make slings to carry their babies.

And little Tui even EC's her dolls, taking them to the toilet to do wee!
Lately I've been breastfeeding the doll a lot too! She will come up and ask me to give the baby boobie, and I'm not allowed to pretend, I have to actually get my boob Then invaribly Tui also has a little tipple ;)


Katy said...

It shows what a good example you set! I showed Chloe this and she is now trying to put her doll in her sling.

karisma said...

So sweet! I guess its only natural she would follow in mama's footsteps. Mine were the same, except dd2 not only had the sling, she had the double pram crammed with babies, a capsule on the roof with another baby or two and one in the sling for good measure! I wonder if she will provide me with a whole tribe of grand kids?

messyfish said...

Cute! I have been breatfeeding snoopy lately.

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