Saturday, August 7

ahhh the beauty of nature

Spent a lovely morning at Boolumba Creek today. I've been feeling a bit sick today but it always makes me feel better spending time out in the forest.
P and the kids skimmed rocks across the water.

Explored the rock pools...

While I lay in the Sun and relaxed:)

But now I'm going to have a lemon and honey drink and drag mysel off to bed.


Kimmie said...

Hello gorgeous Ariad,
Hope that you get a good nights sleep and feel a tad better in the morning~!



Katy said...

Lovely photos - feel better soon x

Erin said...

Hope you feel better soon. Spending time in the forest does sound like a wonderful remedy :)

sue said...

Gorgeous photo's. Really hope you feel better soon, sending healing vibes x

karen said...

hope all the fresh air and lemon and honey makes you feel better. Looks like the best place to lay around while your sick

majikfaerie said...

mmm looks like a good day. hope you're feeling better.

karisma said...

Beautiful pictures! Hope you are feeling better today. Hugs xoxox

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