Tuesday, July 13

I love...

I love growing veggies because you get the whole vegetable, not the trimmed up, dried out version from the supermarket...

then you can juice all the fennel tops and make a most delicious sauce!!!

I love seeing the kids loving each other...

And watching Tui build her "nests"

I love champagne gardening with friends,

and seeing the kids all playing the same comptuer game on different computers.

and watching them learn to drive in the ol' paddock basher.


Kimmie said...

Ahh your kids are just gorgeous. Baby Tui is growing up so fast and is a real lil girl now, adore her soft curls as her hair gets longer and just LOVE her nest :]



Erin said...

The picture of Tui in her "nest" really made me think of my daughter. She's always making " cozy spots" for herself. I often call them havens and then think just how appropriate her name, Haven, really is for her!

majikfaerie said...

and I love YOU!

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