Monday, June 21

The power of tools.

When we first moved in here we didn't own many power tools so were doing most of our building the old fashioned way with hand tools. (not to mention that I was a bit scared of using power tools)

So as we have been able to afford to buy tools I've been learning to use them.

It is just sooooooooo much quicker cutting something, drilling, stripping back second-hand wood to a useable form. And I found suprisingly fun!

So last week I was up on the roof helping dp install insulation and re-place the rusty old tin with shiney new tin. When I was growing up I never would've imagined I'd be doing this!
And the roof looks great too and hopefully it won't leak anymore!

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karen said...

go you, fixing your roof! growing up, my dad had a shed full of power tools so ive used a few and they are mighty handy but i must say they scare me a littl too lol:) i just read your comment to me on'mr. t's' bday post, that cracked me up that someone told you off for naming your child mr t he he, the other kids names i presumed were real but i was always (pretty) sure your little boy wasnt realy called mr t!

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