Saturday, March 20

ahhhh, green

I love green. The plants are looking so beautiful after all the rain.
And I just finished this little green bag.

For my birthday I got a new camera, it's only a point and click but the photos are heaps clearer than the old camera.

 I also went shopping and added to my wool stash.
 Zan made me this beautiful little table out of a slab of red cedar.

 P has been amusing the kids by dressing the dog up.


karisma said...

I love your table. Very nice! Your bag is lovely as usual too. One of my friends has been whipping up a lot of similar bags lately, at the rate she is going she will be set for Christmas presents for her family.

Happy Belated Birthday! Hugs xoxox

Kimmie said...

Happy belated birthday gorgeous!

Love your table (clever Zan) and your bag~!



Gina said...

That table is so beautiful ,wow!

gina x

The Awesome 4 said...

Ooh I like the bag. :)

majikfaerie said...

I love that you love green :)

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