Sunday, December 13

Todays food

I love the colour of this red chard in the garden. It's growing so well this year.

We picked some new stuff today. The first birdseye chilli, pomegranets, squash and lemon grass.

Loads and loads of cherry tomatoes, a couple of ox heart tomatoes and some Romas.

And also a bucketful of of these sweetest passion fruits. The kids and I ate about 50 of them!!! They were just so sweet we couldn't stop.


Amber said...

Oh yum some delicious growing going on there. Thanks for your kind and beautiful message on my recent post...much love to

karisma said...

Looks delicious! Enjoy!

majikfaerie said...

mmm yum! looks delish!

hippymummy said...

This all looks sooo yummy! Over here it's cold, wet and miserable with no pretty colours to be seen outside, i'll have to pop by again and enjoy this colourful bounty by proxy! Nice to be back xXX

Ariad said...

Hi Hippymummy
Nice to hear from you :)

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