Thursday, November 12

Natural Learning Camp

I have just spent three nights camped at beautiful Mt Tambourine in the Gold Coast Hinterland with my four children and a heap of other families who are all natural learning and unschooling. WOW it was so cool.
I feel like I have finally found my community. I might not be able to see everyone very often but just knowing that they are there helps me feel less isolated in the decisions I have made about raising my children.
Most times socially I feel like the odd one out. But for those three precious days camping in the bush I could sit around with other mums and discuss things like elimination communication, unschooling, extended breast feeding etc. My baby could take a pee on the grass without raising eyebrows. I could see other mums speaking kindly and compassionately with their children instead of cringing as they threatened to smack them.
I could watch all these beautiful children playing and learning together and I could learn so much from all the other parents.
The kids had such a great time.
Unfortunately I didn't take any photos, I just kind of got into the moment and chilled out with my kids and awesome women (and men) and played games and passed the time. A couple of times I thought about taking the camera out but didn't want to spoil the moment if you know what I mean.
I just feel so renewed and refreshed after my time away. I also feel like I've gained some Independence, going away by myself with the kids without DP (who had to work)
Can't wait til next years camp.


Debs said...

That sounds so brilliant! I'm really glad for you - I long to find some community myself. I understand about not taking any pictures - you can't be fully present when you're looking at everything through a lens! I'm really pleased for you. :D xx

messyfish said...

sounds excellent. I relate to the isolation. I get the no pics thing. Cant be present when pressing buttons. Same with the phone..hence the isolation for me. Love your blog!

Erin said...

Sounds wonderful :) It's great to be surrounded by like minded people. Kinda recharges you in a way ...

Ariad said...

yep, Erin, I came ome just feeling so good... just so hsppy to hsve been sround all these people I respect so much. Some of them I'd met online and it was really, really cool to meet them in real life.

karisma said...

Sounds lovely! I also would have been so tempted to take pictures but understand what you are saying. I am guilty of missing a lot because I am always behind my camera. Lately I have taken to leaving it at home and of course feel like Im missing some great shots, LOL. Glad you had the chance to meet up with some like minded folks, its always nice to make new friends, especially ones you can relate to. xxoxoxox

majikfaerie said...

it was AWESOME to meet you there and get to know you better. Wishing like crazy it could have been for longer.

Louise said...

It was awesome to meet you there-

I have some pics that I can send to you, I couldn't resist getting out my camera.

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