Friday, October 2

Nitro Tramponatics

Zan made this video last week and I love it! A great example of unschooling creativity. It stars Zan, two of his friends and right at the end Mr T comes in for a front flip!
No one told Zan to make a video, no one made him learn how to use the computer programs, no one made him do any of this but he did it because it was fun. Now if you wanted to you could disect the project into key learning areas. For example this video might cover computer skills, art, design, music etc, but we don't need to do that because that is not what is important to me. What the most important aspect of this is that Zan had FUN and while he was having fun learnt heaps about something that interests him.
It's called Nitro Tramponatics.


majikfaerie said...


karisma said...

WooHoo! Go Mr T!!! We are most impressed and now we want a tramp like that one! Shame our yard space has no room! LOL! We will have to come visit you! Love it! Zen is very talented!

Bel said...

Woot! That's impressive! :)

arromyf said...

That is very cool, the music rocks:)

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