Tuesday, October 6

Spinach and Cheese pastries

With so much spinach and silver beet in the garden I've been making a few spinach recipes. One of my favourites are spinach and cheese triangles.

I make home made ricotta cheese for these. Cheese making is easier than most people think and this is the easiest cheese to make of all.
Simply warm milk up to almost boiling point. Then turn it off and add a curdling agent. You can use vinegar, lemon juice or whey from a previous batch of cheese.

Pour into a strainer lined with a cheese cloth or as I've done here a new dish cloth.

Let it drain for a couple of hours.

Simple as that!!! I usually use about 2l of milk. Some people swear it has to be raw milk, while this is obviously better it even works with powdered milk.
To this I add about 2tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice. If the whey is still milky looking, not clear and yellowish then you can add a bit more. You only need to give it a quick stir (literally 5 seconds) after adding the curdler. Stir anymore and you'll break up the curds.
I'll post another day how you then turn this cheese mix into a feta type cheese.

Now for the next step for the spinach and cheese triangles.
Fry some onions and garlic.

Wilt some spinach or silver beet. Chop finely and add to onions. Add all the ricotta and season with salt and pepper.

Roll into triangles in filo pastry.



Amber said...

Oh yum i wish i could eat one right now. Inspired to make some now...thanks..xx

Anne said...


Erin said...

Looks really good ...

karisma said...

YUM alright! I can't wait to see how you turn it into Feta. A friend of mine was telling me that its too warm here to make it.

Kelly said...

Looks really tasty!

Darroch Cottage said...

oh yum! I think I could even manage to make ricotta after your recipe.(and I am a duff cook!)
like the new look too xx

Anonymous said...

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