Thursday, July 23

Home making

I have been trying to teach myself some more homemaking skills of late. I want to save money and be as self-sufficient as possible.

My first project was to try crocheting my own dish cloth. Well it did work out ok but it is very time-consuming for something you are just going to be using for cleaning. So next time I have my sewing machine out I will hem some old piece of towels to use instead.

I have also been trying to make bread at least twice a week. I don't think I could make enough all the time but at least this way some of our bread is made fresh from organic stone-ground flour.

And turning these beautiful pawpaws, given to us by a friend into green pawpaw chutney was fun. I now have enough chutney for a couple of months and a few extra bottles for swapping with friends.

My next project is soap making. I am going to be trying this today so hopefully will do a post on it soon.

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Erin said...

Oh this post has me itching for a project now. You've been busy. Love your choice of colors for the dishcloth too ... I am such a brown and green gal, myself!
Peace & Happy Crafting!

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