Thursday, March 26

Off to the big smoke

For christmas Nanna gave the kids passes to go to "White WaterWorld" at the Gold Coast. So we're off to Theme Park strip tomorrow. And then on to Brisbane to visit my brother

It's almost daunting going to the city from our lovely peaceful place BUT everyone is so excited at the prospect of an holiday and it has been so much fun today discussing it all and packing...

The kids want to go to the museum if we have time to see the dinosaur bones...but the weekend is already pretty full...we shall see.

I've been promising my brother we'd visit his new house for awhile (I think he moved in two years ago) so we're well over due for a visit.

See you all after the weekend!


The Magic Onions said...

Hope you have a lovely visit. I'm sure it'll be great fun and only strengthen your love for where you live.

Tara Lucia Zaicz said...

I know what you mean... civilization visits... eekk! I've been living up in Cape York in a remote indigenous community for 3 years now... completely addicted to the simple life.... your blog is very inspiring! love & light xox

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