Tuesday, January 20

Gone to the dogs

After getting home from our camping trip I only stayed here for one night and then went to stay at my parents house while they were away 'galivanting about the country side'. I was official Dog-sitter and cat sitter for their lovely animals.

The Lovely Lab...

My parents live really close to a river. It's so close in fact that you can see it from the back door!
The two boys enjoyed fishing off the jetty. Didn't have much luck and I was kind of glad as it was up to me to kill and gut the fish if they caught any...and after being a vegetarian for 16 years it was a task I wasn't looking forward to.
Mr T on the jetty at Sunset
It was good to get home though. I think it's the longest I've been away since we moved to Rainbow Love Farm.
Nice to see my own puppy, hanging out with Buddah here!

And the veggie garden, my how things grow when you aren't looking! Mr T was excited to find his sweet corn was 'taller-than-daddy' and some of the corns were ready for eating. This one didn't even make it as far as the kitchen.

There ain't nothing as sweet as homegrown corn!


hippymummy said...

Qhat a beautiful place you live in, the view from mams door is pretty impressive too!
I love to go and visit my family but after a few days i always start thinking of home. I love my family dearly but to come home to MY home, my (dumb) dogs and untidy (older) kids is a basic need in me that has an incredible pull.
Happy homecoming Ariad xXx

Ariad said...

Yeah, there's no place like home...even if it's a bit messy and basic. Just feels right ;)

Amber said...

Ahhh Ariad,

Whenever I read your posts i feel calmed and free.
Those dogs look so sweet...i am such a lab fan. Had a lovely black lab growing up and she was one of the sweetest dogs.

I love time away and i love home when you get back...you see all the stuff you love and have created.

Ariad said...

Thank you so much hippymummy abd anber. Without you people I don't know if I could go on.

naturewitch said...

Hi Ariad

Isn't it great when the kidlets grab the corn off the stalk and eat it straight away? It's always a special thrill to see them enjoying good food in this way. xx

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