Friday, October 3

Summer unschool

I like the amount of swimming and hanging out at cool water holes that unschooling involves. Our niece stayed over last night and today was hot again and it's not even Summer yet. So we went to little Yabba creek for a swim.
After cooling off we went for a walk through the rainforest. This is my niece looking at the hobbit hole she found.
The writing was already on the log when we found it!
And my three monkeys climbing vines.

On the way home we bought two more laying hens. A black one ( an austrolorpe) and a brown one ( a sussex). When we first got our land the kids wanted pet chickens. Soon they decided that they were going to run a business selling eggs. Well they have now printed off lables to stick on the recycled cartons. They fill out egg counting sheets that they have made and fill out balance sheets to keep track of the money they spend and the money they make. I actually suggested getting the two new chooks today because every time I want to use eggs lately we're all sold out. Which is very cool. The kids think it's great to be making any money at all. They pay for the chook food and feed them and water them every day. We even have a chicken business meeting every couple of months or when they want to discuss something about the chooks or to divvy up their earnings. It is such a great way for them to learn about money and it is totally self motivated. Although I do feed the chickens occasionally to earn my eggs to cook a quiche!

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