Sunday, October 26

On Saturday Zan's Dad and his family came to visit. Zan see's his dad every month but I don't often see them. It was good to catch up and finally get a photo of Zan and all his step and half brothers and sisters.

I love how our culture is evolving away from the nuclear family, it's nice to have this extended tribe. I am lucky that I have a good relationship with my ex and his new wife. She's so far away from the whole evil-step mother cliche. I am grateful that Zan spends time with them. They live a different lifestyle to us in some ways and this widens Zans world experience.

We went to Peace's work and did some leaping out of trees.

Then had a swim and came home just in time to see a spectaculer storm. There was so much hail it looked like snow. And I got all these beautiful photo's of the day but they've all disappeared off my camera.


jodi said...

yes, our family should be always recognised as a tribe...a community

hippymummy said...

I've called me and my kids a tribe for years! I have 4 brothers and a sister who all have partners and kids of their own. Imagine all of them plus my 6 kids (plus son-in-law!) makes one heck of a gathering, a tribe indeed!

mscherrylane said...

you always have such a refreshing view and attitude to things- I am so happy for your existence! :)

karisma said...

We have always called ourselves a tribe, our extended family is huge and close knit.

I wish I could have joined you on that leaping out of trees expedition, sounds like loads of fun.

Ariad said...

Oh yeah, Peace works at a school camp and we did the low ropes course but the 'leap of faith' where you jump off a platform about eight metres up a tree was by far the funnest!

hippymummy said...

I live alone with my kids and all our family are quite far away. They don't get chance to see their other parents during term time generally but there are a number of times (birthdays, school play, presentations etc) when i've had their dads, grandparents or other family members to stay over so that they can have all their family together for special days. It makes their lives happier, i feel, when they can see their parents getting along.

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