Tuesday, October 21

Happy Birthdays

It was fourteen years ago today that I birthed my first babe. It was a very different experience to the free-birth of Tui four months ago. It was my one and only hospital birthing experience and I can only wonder why hospitals are still such popular places to birth in.
My baby boy is 14. He's finished with the first seven baby years, the seven child years and now is on his way to young adult hood, so much to look forward to over his next seven years. My how time flies.

Me and Zan

Zan and Tui



jacandwill said...

Happy birthing day to you and happy birthday to Zan :)
have a wonderful day !

karisma said...


Its amazing how fast time flies by! I agree with you about the hospital births. I had all mine in hospitals but with no interference. I pretty much did my own thing. I had problems with bleeding so needed to be there for safety.

I attended the birth of my nephew and all they did was interfere and do things wrong. It nearly drove me mad! I really do believe hospitals should be a last resort!

Amber said...

Oh happy birthday to Zan...he looks lke such a beautiful boy. What a gorgeous month to be born.

Mumma Bear said...

Happy birthday Zan and happy birthing day to you, you look so young in that pic!

hippymummy said...

A very happy birthday to Zan and birthing day to you. I'm sure that the next seven years will make you even prouder xXx

Ariad said...

Thanks for the wishes. Mumma Bear I was so young then, well I was twenty-two but looking back I was still so young myself to have a child. When I dug that photo out this morning I was thinking how old I look now.LOL.

mscherrylane said...

oh you were so cute (very sinead o'connor) and your kid has obviously gotten your good looks ;)

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