Thursday, October 30

Food Forest

We called in to the Eumundi markets yesterday morning. Caught up with some friends and bought some breakie. I had to take a photo of Rains healthy beakfast.

Mini pancakes with chocolate syrup and icing sugar!

I have just picked some dinner from the garden. It suffered a bit of damage in the big hail strom on Saturday but not as much as we expected.

Three types of lettuce, frilly pink, oak leaf and cos, spring onions, mint, oregano, garlic chives, parsely and a zucchini. I think I'll do a pasta with caramelized red onions and zucchini and make the rest into a salad.
I walked through the food forest this afternoon and there is so much in flower. The pecan tree has grown all its leaves back and is covered with flowers. They are long and look a little like an unripe mulberry.

The figs are having a growth spurt. Last year Peace made me some baked figs and honey...yummm...(dreamy look on face)... I will have to be extra nice to him when the figs ripen this year.

The coriander has gone to seed. It has such pretty, delicate little white blooms. I'll chuck the seed all around under the trees and we'll have heaps more popping up soon.

I always try to throw any extra seeds or seedlings in the food forest amongst the fruit trees. The little things that just pop up by themselves are a beautiful bonus. Self seeded stuff always seems to grow so well. I've just noticed lots of cherry tomato seedlings as well. They are so sweet and juicy and the kids pick them and eat them right out of the garden. (And throw them at each other too!)


Amber said...

Wow that all looks so lovely and fresh..full of goodness. What a wonderful treat the children have eating fresh vegies that have grown around them while they play and grow.
Lifes little pleasures....
I love the pics...makes me feel like I am there.

hippymummy said...

Your children are blessed to have a mam like you giving them the wonderful life you all lead.

karisma said...

Everything looks delicious! I agree with you on the seeds too. I just love it when nature takes care of itself and everything seems to grow so much better that way!

karisma said...

I have a little love for you over at my place.

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