Saturday, September 20

The Taj Ma Cubby

Ever since we moved here I've wanted to create a magical garden for the children. It's kind of like the fantasy garden I dreamed of having when I was a kid. I designed it aroud two big trees that were already here when we moved in. The cubby house was our second building project. (The chook house was our first.) It was good to hone our skills before attacking any renovations on the house.

The garden is kind of diamond shaped with the two trees at two opposite corners and archway, entrance at one and the cubby house at the last corner. There is also two small hidden cirlular gardens off this that have a fairy circle(with heaps of flowers) and the other has a tic tac toe board that the kids made out of an old paver and some tiles. ( I'll have to take a photo of it.)

Last week end we built a deck off the cubby house with some left over decking boards.
It's all been built from reclaimed materials, old fence pailings a neighbour was throwing away, paint from the tip-shop, timber from skips at building sites. The whole thing, extensions included has costed about $80.
Zan(13) is so capable with power tools now and our neighbour(who is a builder) was shaking his head in disbelief after watching 8yr old rain bang a naik in with three strokes. Now that's what I call fun learning. And MrT helped. Where there's tools that's where you'll find MrT!
Now we just have to wait for the trees to grow and make it a secret cubby. Most of the gardens are native plants but I also want as much edible stuff as I can squeeze in. There are two mulberry tree, a manderine and an orange. There were about thirty ripe strawberries this morning and the kids went and sat on the new deck and had berries for breckie.

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