Friday, September 26

Permaculture days

We've been biggering and biggering and biggering. NOT like the Onceler in the Lorax by Dr Zues because that type of biggering would be irresponsible, environmental vandalism. But we've biggered the chook run and we've biggered the garden.

The chook pen has had a real make-over in the past week. The run is now a third as big again and we've planted a little herb garden behind it. Peace moved the water drums around to the far side so they're not so much of an eye-sore and he has created his 'skulcha' as Mr T calls it. While we've been tidying up the block and digging around we've come across heaps of old rusty bits and pieces from the old saw mill. So Peace has nailed heaps of them onto the chook house.

And here's a picture of the happy ckooks.

The second garden bed is ready to plant out tomorrow. It's so exciting planting food. This afternoon we toured one of the local permaculture groups displaygardens. And we picked some seed of some funky beans. That's where I got our original madargasca beans from. I'm not sure what these ones are but they've got a black and white spotty seed.

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