Sunday, September 28

I spent the day spring cleaning. And as I was cleaning I was thinking about when we lived in our little bus and how now we have so much 'stuff'. When we had the bus we only had two children but we lived in about 6sq metres of space. And life was so much simpler with so much less stuff.
This is a photo of Rain's second birthday at Port Douglas, with our home in the back ground.

We now have four children but we have almost 100sq metres, and I'm always saying how crowded it is! I've let stuff accumulate since we moved here and since it takes an aweful long time to build more rooms on, the easier solution is to de-clutter. There is stuff around the place that I haven't used for over two years. There is stuff around that I have never used.
We've been challenging ourselves lately about how environmentally friendly, how simply we could live if we had to. Well I think we all do have to to some extent. So the vegie garden is being upgraded, the house is being pared down and maybe we'll even save money.
While I cleaned and cleared Peace spent the day mountain climbing and abseiling and came back with some great pictures.
Our place is in one of those little green patches.

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mscherrylane said...

wow- you sure lead a cool life! hehe I gotta say when I read your kids names I couldn't help sooooo totally fit my stereotype of the "hippies" who live up North! ;)

p.s I'd like to see pics of your animals if you get a chance one day esp the guinea pigs(i miss mine :(

p.p.s re your love of the dictionary...Latin is a really cool tool if you can be motivated enough to learn all the roots of words and then voila! suddenly your knowledge of vocab expands ten fold! and people think you're a super genuis when you know stupid words like "cerumen" *lol

Nice to meet you!


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